What is the light schedule for the indoor skunk

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

We bought super skunk and gold leave. They are one inside super skunk and rest outside. Wtheey are three months old. They look healthily. What is the light schedule for the in door skunk. It’s on 24/7. Thanks!

A little bit more info os needed than that in afraid.
Are they autos or photos?
3 months seems long for indoors, i would switch to 12/12 if photos and 18/6 if autos.

Buuut more info is defo needed and maybe afew pics too…

If photos you want 18-6 for veg and 12-12 for flower
Autos can be grown on 18-6 or 12-12 doesnt matter
Youll never start flowering if on 24 hours
Plants need rest to
And photos wont flower until they sense reduction of light hours
Switch to 12-12

Also this may be a good read for you as well

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