What is the issue?

Hey guys my og kusg is on her 6th weeks of her life and some leaves started to turn like on the picture…I use pro hp soil and gave her a little bit of nutes 3 days ago but i might think i could have wathered her a little bit too much…i have two other plant and they never had that issue…

What size pot is she in? Looks a little small. Also, what’s your Ph?


Its like a 1gallon pot and ph is about 6 and 6.5

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I think it’s time for a transplant. I’ll bet she’s rootbound in that pot. That’s why her leaves are yellowing. Do you see any roots coming out the bottom?


Yes but not too much…

Well i will transplant her tonight thats not a problem!

Oh, good, because if you see even just a little bit of roots coming out the bottom, then it’s time to transplant. I’ll bet you find she’s got a huge rootball.


Transplanting is the way to go. She’ll love you for it and take off!


Shes in her new house!


Also do you think over wather may be causing that?

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She looks better already.

And what size pot is she in?

I think that you might be right so let your soil dry out and maybe pick up your pot that she is in once and awhile and you will start to notice the difference in the weight off the pot which is a good indication off when next to water or feed hope this helps :v:️. And your plants are looking great also well done and keep growing and please feel free to ask.


What’s that white stuff on the leaf’s?
If It’s what I think it is you got a

If youre talking about the bug plant I think its just the flash when i took the picture…

I dont really know the size of the pot in gallong im french canadien its not the same sizing I think

Ok, well, are there roots coming out the bottom? Could need another transplant. Do you know how many liters the pot is? Or busy post a picture of the whole plant, including the pot.

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Leaves already looks a little bit better to me but I can see a some small roots at the bottom but not too many

That looks like a size appropriate pot for the plant, it could be bigger, but unless you need to water her every day, I would leave her alone. Is she drying out really fast?

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