What is the ideal height of a plant to start flowering

sorry I have grown a few auto’s only this is my first real plant.

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the plant is a white widow Photo plant not an auto

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Its totally up to you how much you want to have in the end longer tge veg the bigger yield on flower :hibiscus:


You can essentially flip it whenever, but there are a few guidelines that may help you out.

Most strains will at least double in height through flowering period. Leaving 60-70% of your overall height to account for stretch and light spacing is usually on the safe side. Figure on the higher end for sativa dominant and lower side for indica dominant.

Switching to flowering too early can often prolong your grow as well. Most plants require to be at least a few weeks old before they will flower. So putting a plant to flower light schedule a week old won’t necessarily get you to harvest faster.

There are various training methods can keep your plant short. If you implement any of them, it’s entirely possible to be ready to flower a very short plant.

I’m sure there’s a few things I missed, but that should give you a decent idea. If you post pics or fill out support ticket we can probably help with a more definitive answer.


thanks for the quick reply
I have grown them to about 18 inches. been topped a couple of times. about 8 main heads/branches on each but I am going out of town in 7 weeks and don’t want to rely on a friend to water so I thought I might flip now hoping to double height by the end of flower.

I’m sure they will be in that range, but I’m not sure they would be ready to harvest.

They should be close enough to harvesting that you can give them plain water. Surely your friend can handle that while you’re away?

When do you plan on being back…?
You still have to chop , dry and cure… :fearful:
You are really going to be at the mercy of your friends knowledge or incompetence… :wink:
Not really sure what advice to give here… good luck is all’s I can come up with… :wink:
Best wishes fellow cultivator… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

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going for 2 weeks.
most likely have to ask for help from another local cultivator

one would hope

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Don’t wait too long!!!