What is the Ideal Grow Schedule?


I live in the New Jersey, U.S.A. I’ll be growing indoors under skylights for full daylight along with CFL bulbs to boost light. Also using Booster.

I’m planning on starting seedlings May 1 using an automatic timer for CFL’s on 18 hours a day, 5 AM to 11 PM, plus the sunlight from the sky lights.

After 4 weeks I’ll set the CFL’s for 12 hours, 7 AM to 7 PM, and cover the plants with black plastic garbage bags to block daylight down to exactly 12 hours a day.

I’m assuming harvest at the end of July. Does this sound like a reasonable plan? Also, is it too late to do a second grow the same way from August to the end of October?

Well for one. You are not going to harvest in July Maybe more like Oct some time.
My reason as being. ( THIS IS JUST A ROUGH THOUGHT )

1.) first 2 weeks of seedlings life don’t count

2.) @ least 4 wks of veg or 6wks …now your @ the end of June

3.) Flip to 12/12 first wk of July for 8 to 9 wks …

4.) Harvest time around end of Sept OR 1st wk of Oct

( Cure for 3 wks )

5.) Now you can have a Happy ThanksGiving



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With autos give yourself 3 wks then germ.more autos. Try and get the baby out the first WK of growth. Now you have two that have been flowering for 4wks, and you have 1wk old baby’s. In 4wks you well be harvesting the first two ,and your baby’s well be 4wks old now just keep starting over every 4 wks plus you’ll harvest every 4 wks. Good luck remember to look ahead on the calendar as far as your grow go ,s.

Black bagging them should force flowering to start. Whatever strain you’re using will need to be bagged every day until they are done. If they were auto’s, you wouldn’t have to black bag them. I can see your schedule working if everything is perfect based on what you’ve told us. More info that might help would be

  1. Strain
  2. Temp range from start to finish.
  3. Nutrient schedule you plan on using.

I can’t think of anything else, but man if I had a skylight here, I’d be growing my plants up in the rafters. :wink:

Thanks everybody for the great info. Think Ill plant in the next couple weeks, boosting the natural sky light with 18/6 6500 CFL’s. That should give a good long veg. Then on June 21 switch to 12/12 2700 CFL’s along with sky light until they flower and finish naturally in Oct or so.

Using the Booster

Feminized Sour Diesel, W Widow, Silver, Pineapple, Gold