What is the final date that a plant grown outdoors can be topped?

Hi, just a quick question regarding topping outdoor grows. I’m located in Southern Ontario Canada and I am trying to determine exactly how late into the outdoor growing season is safe to top plants without any risk to recovery and yield obviously. Thanks for any assistance with this matter.

We only just hit the solstice I would think about a month before the equinox would be pretty safe

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Ok. Thank you. I have only indoor experience really so I would normally have switched to flower about a foot of growth ago. I was having a hard time convincing myself that it was alright to go ahead with another round of topping. Cheers

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I may even do two rounds if I’m safe till roughly the 20th of August. That should improve yield quite a bit.

I’m in Southern Michigan an have been growing outside for years, they start to flower around the 3rd week of August.

So take the midpoint. Call it safe til Aug 10 or first sign of pistils

Definitely don’t want to get this far and shoot myself in the foot so I’ll be cautious this year and take note on when I can see the transition begin. Thanks for all the feedback, it is really appreciated.

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