What Is The Earliest You Can Sex A PLant?


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I’m wondering if I have to wait until the 12/12 period, which doesn’t happen by me until end of August into September. I’d like to be able to tell earlier than that. Magnifying glass and good glasses?? 8-O


Some strains won’t show sex until a couple to a few weeks into 12/12 flowering period. An option would be to take a cutting from a small underdeveloped branch with a node on it. Take that cutting and right away while trying to root it put it into a 12/12 cycle indoors. It may show sex even before it grows new roots. The parent that the cutting came from will be the same sex.


I’ve heard of even taking one or two plants, before they are transplanted permanently outdoors, and do the 12/12 on them until you can sex them. Immediately put them back into the 17-18 hours of daylight during these summer months and they will go back to vegetative state for the remainder. Anyone tried this?? Thanks…

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Yes, that can work but has a higher chance of stressing the plant. There is a technique known as monstercroping that relies on one of stressing results from putting the plant back into a vegetative light cycle after having put it in a flowering cycle.

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Have you thought of taking a cutting from each. labeling it, rooting, it, sexing it? :slight_smile: This would tell you in Approximately 30 days. Plants need to be at least a month old for this to work, but, then you can take cuttings from the Mom’s