What is the deal with this?

Hi all.
I have a few plants in flower by about 4 weeks. One however seems to have grown wispy buds, long and stretchy and has no smell, no stickiness or frosting. nothing! What has happened? The other girls are fine, and the other plants of the same strain, Gelato OG. just this one. Al have been germinated in the same tent, had the same nutes, same light. I know about phenotypes but do you get them that have no smell? I have search and can not find any male parts, as I thought that is what happened. Would appreciate any advice help please.

These are the same strain. The smaller one is already sticky with a beautiful aroma.

Close up of the bud. - Gelato OG

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Every once in a while you’ll get one with inferior genetics: hybridized, feminized plants are a bit twitchy. Or can be. I had a plant from a seed bank not produce any flower structure. But it was incredibly potent. No terpene profile is also something you’ll occasionally see. It happens. Pull it and run another in the space?


Thank you for your input. Sadly I have no more to germinate. I wanted to have one to make seeds but that is out of the question now.
So it will never get any buds, trichomes, flavour?

This could be genetic like Myfriendis410 said, but also could happen from some untimely stress too. Something like a transplant during transition for example. Not sure if anything like that happened, but I have seen before.


given same strain, same conditions…it’s just the roll of the genetic dice.
one plant looks pretty decent. the other…meh.
this is why I suggest planting more than you want to harvest. once upon a time, I planted 12 seeds…by harvest time…there were only 4. but 4 really happy healthy girls. weed out the puny, slow growers. keep and nourish the biggest and healthiest plants. plant just enough seeds…things happen, some don’t flourish and you end up with less than expected…and…the time/effort/expense is the same.


No stress that I could see and all the other were treated exactly the same and have been in the same tent, same under same light with same nutes.
It is probably genetics which is a pain. :frowning: These are the other girls and as you can see they re doing well.