What is the deal here. One plant gone, this is only one left. Help PLEASE


@Donaldj… Please explain " phenos"


@PhantomFarmer… the first one was stunted from the start. I thought it would catch up, but never did


If the trichomes are milky to amber you can probably get ready to cut it down. Red hairs on the buds like Donald said are good indication also. I’m wondering if your plants are using up its stored nutrients before you harvest. That’s a good thing if that’s so. Just a thought but I’d follow what the pros say. The people here are very knowledgeable. Good luck from this noob.:wink:


Phenotypes: as in showing it’s strain specific colors markings and traits Autumn fall colors this is when in my books plants are sexiest and an effect many growers strive for it means plant is entering it’s natural end cycle. Using the sugars stored in it’s leaves converting them to nutrients and bud development also as @neckNflu stated above a sign your plants are flushing naturally so your ppm is working


Thank you! I was kinda hung up on the time in flower. That happened to me and you helped me through it as I wanted a full 9 weeks.


I was thinking I would start my flush when I first started seeing amber trichomes. Is that correct?


Harvested yesterday. I’ll let you know about weight after I dry and trim. Thanks again for the help


I should have waited a couple of more weeks, but I was out of medicine. Still wound up with 355 grams of closely trimmed buds, and 218 grams of trim. That’s from one plant. My best grow yet


Next time if you are in the position you could do a partial harvest and let the rest of the plant finish up?