What is the correct temperature and humidity for a grow room

Just trying to figure out how my plants may not be getting the right heat I have thermometer and hydrometer hanging a foot below my light and it’s running 80 degrees 65% humidity

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In veg you want higher humidity, 50% and above. Flowering you want 50% or less. This chart should help.


Thanks for the info have a nother question my pH is low 5.7 ppm is 1060 and I did all the plants that are in flowering. All 3 had the same pH but the one flowering most wasppm was different 796 does that mean anything and how do I get the hummity down I don’t have any money at the moment I’m waiting for a disability judge to make his decision so til then I have to wing it but if you have remedies so that I can fix my problems I would be willing to listen and try

I really don’t understand that chart

Yes, the nutrient needs are different for the flowering plant, and using more of something.

Sorry about the chart, but basically the green fives you the sweet spot for temperatures and humidity levels depending on the stage of plant.
Most generally with out looking at the chart, you want higher humidity in veg and lower humidity in flowering.

Hope that helps.

For humidity, you want more air exchange, and air circulation.