What is the cause of this leaf problem?

A question from a fellow grower:

Could you tell me what the cause of this leaf problem?

I grow under 24/7 fluro lamps at the moment

You given the plant nutrients to soon , could be to much nitrogen or your ph and PPM is off .

You need to fill out this support ticket it will help everyone to help you.


But to help / you out till the then. It looks to be nutrient burn.
The soil you are using did or does it have nutrients in it?
And 2nd. Have you been feeding your plants nutrients?
Because if you have I’ll bet Your PH is way out of range.
If you have…stop feeding and water only! And if you don’t have a PH meter go here. You need to have one.

Hope this helps

B Safe

Think I see a little Taco’ing on the leaves, may be it’s these old eyes. May have a heat problem also contributing. Agree with garrigan62 that the support ticket is needed and go with pH’ed water if possible at about 6.5 as it is soil. Robert’s book will do you a lot of good to read, just click on the link and download it. Will really help you a lot. I think a lot of us started like that.

You are definitely in the right place, this is THE growsite of the internet as far as I am concerned. A lot of us share that sentiment.

Can someone help?

Your soil might be to hot for seedlings ? Fill out a support ticket so the staff can get more information to help . Strain -soil- Ph - temperature -humidity - lights , we need more information before they can help identify your problem .