What is the black stuff?

Anyone have an idea what we are seeing? This is on a plant my wife and I put way out back to isolate because we thaught we hermied it. After some TLC it took off like wild fire. It’s a Gorilla Glue planted in a half 55 gallon drum with the bottom cut out, and placed out back in our low ground. Figured when the roots took off we wouldn’t have to water it. Anyhow, there’s this black gook that my wife thinks is some kind of poop, I think it kind of looks

like wet dirt splashed somehow.

Any signs of bugs? Maybe a fungus or mold of some kind? Has it been really wet? @garrigan62 @Myfriendis410 @Mrcrabs any ideas?

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i dont know but that looks like a mess down there. pics of the whole thing?

It’s awful high up to be a splash.

I haven’t seen any slugs, a few weeks back I saw a snail, the only bugs I have noticed is a huge daddy long legs that’s been hanging out. Wife smeared it on her fingers and thought it was shit of some hind.

Here’s the whole plant.


Get under there and pinch all that little stuff out of there. Open it up so some air can get in there. That little stuff is stealing energy and nutes and will never make you high. Just my opinion based on my reading. And looking at your TREE you’re not gonna miss that little stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

defoliate a little and clean her up. thats probably just dirt. yellowing has started at the bottom and is working its way up. there is a deficiency there.

Be safe and start using a fungicide and see if you can wash it out. Also check the trees around you for the same black goo to see if it’s spreading from the woods
Captain Jack, neem oil, de, are good thing’s to check out to use.

Yup, I’ll stop at the local grow shop and get some fungicide.

Wife and I are new growers. Thought we had a deficiency. Ph was bout 6.5. 2 wks ago we added blood meal and some Epsom salts. Seems a bit better.

We’ll clean up and thin out a little bit. I’m concerned later about the possibility of bud root, especially considering the location.

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