What is the black dot?

Uhhhh. I might be high. But what black dot. I believe i see a bite mark or a rip on that lowest center leaf. Back near the stem, under the bud.

I know it might be crazy… But I’m seeing these black dots (think it’s fecal matter from a pest) on all of my plants. Only 4 plants. I am a beginner and have read tons… Looked at too many videos… And my head is spinning. There is too much info. I saw somewhere that said some pests leave fecal matter… (shit). So… Look at the middle of the pic… There is a shinny black dot. Zoom in if you an. It doesn’t move so it’s not a bug. There IS a shinny black dot.

Ahhh i see it on the upper sugar leaf. Looks more like a egg then a dropping. Look up insects with black shiny round eggs.

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Cool thanks. Wouldn’t I see the pest? Something that lays an egg that big should be viable shouldn’t it? Hey thanks for your input. The ladies look great. I just think I might be over Reacting. It’s my first time. From what I have learned they should be ready to harvest In about a week. Thanks again.

You’re having a natural reaction. Poo or egg. The donator must die. And they (insects) are usually nocturnal creatures. So we miss them most the time. And catch the larva (catepillars and such) just rid urself of the… whatever. And keep a vigilant eye. Indoor or out? Also yes. That bud looks sticky af. I bet she smells like a dream

If you’re looking to catch the pest and it’s nocturnal, grab yourself a green light (plants reflect this light, hence why they’re green and it won’t disturb your night cycle) and try and find the bastard leaving these on your girls.

I only see one black dot now if there were more than one i’d be a little worried but there’s only one. Just keep and eye out if any more show up and most of all check under the leafs

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Spider poop? Do you see any webs anywhere.

They are VERY sticky and yes… They smell like a dream. They are out door in pots. I’m babying them almost like they were indoor. I’m pretty lucky where I live.

There are more. On 4 smaller plants I’ve seen about 5-7 per plant. But nothing else but a spider or 2. Not mites an actual spider.

Green Light???

Actually…I may have snuck into your yard and pooped on your plants. I can confirm it but my butt smells like weed!! :confounded::rofl:

If that is one of your turds you must have a tiny… Teeny tiny little turd cutter. LOL… 8)

Got spooked and had to leave in a hurry

these little ladies are STICKY!!!


God damn brotha!! Looks nice!!

A green light bulb?

Thanks. First time and it’s outside. In pots not the ground. Thanks. Can’t wait!

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That looks YUMMY! And green light is supposedly not seen by plants. They are green. Thus ‘reflect’ green light. I dont buy into it. But seems like logic. So :man_shrugging:t5: What do i know