What is the Best Weed for Baking?

Consuming cannabis edibles infuses a more exceptional impact compared to any other form of utilizing it. Consequently, you can normally take any form of cannabis edibles without anyone noticing it due to its new form.

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They won’t notice for awhile at least :rofl:

Yeah sorry freind but I don’t understand a bit of that.
But I’m positive that last bit about

Is absolutely not true. I promise you that you will not eat one of my eatables without any one noticing it :rofl: sounds like you been baking with the wrong weed my friend…
As for the question "what’s the best weed for baking? " absolutely any with thc in it :grin:
Happy growing :sunglasses:


This is simple. Any weed that you get baked on will be great for baking.
Only caveat. Make sure to decarb you dope prior to using it for edibles…


i have to agree with pappy. if i unwrap a weed brownie at work my ass is getting fired. edibles tend to have a distinct smell if you know what your looking for.

onto your question, i like to turn my smaller larfy buds into edibles instead of trimming them.

i also grew an outdoor plant that wasn’t very potent, so i made a QWET tincture with it, then made some gummies with the tincture and these gummies will blow your mind.


Yea cooked cannabis gets a deep nutty mixed with spinach smell and taste, the best way to hide edibles is as gummies, no one looks at you twice for eating candy. I find the best weeds for edible are energy strains , they’re a bit more lenient with taking to much, my personal favorite right now is lemon mimosa small dose right before work.

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I dont know. Only time i felt like i might die from weed was from edibles. My big ass hadn’t smoked in a week and my buddy made tons of brownies. Ate one; drove home. Felt an amazing relaxing feeling for 2 days. I have a buddy who says edibles do nothing for him. I keep telling him he hasn’t had the right edibles. 7/11 was selling “cbd gummies” that ended up having 8% thc in them :rofl: its not much but 3 bags later i found out the hard way.

What flavor are you looking to infuse into your edible?

I would think a strain that carries a heavy blueberry/floral flavor would go great in some pop-able blueberry muffins (lsd, blueberry, fruity loops, etc.).

A chocolate, I would have to put towards your chocolate/coffee/earth blends (chocolope, Hindu Kush, birthday cake, etc.)

Suckers/Jolly Ranchers, you’d want your diesels/citrus flavors (Chemdawg, Bruce Banner, Fruity Loops, etc.)

Your taffies/chocolate blends, fruity/floral or chocolate/coffee/earthy (Strawberry Cough, lsd, Hindu Kush, etc.)

Cakes/Breads, depends on your audience.

Rice Crisp treats/fruit pebbles treats, same as suckers/jolly ranchers


Agree with @1HappyPappy if you eat one of my edibles you are going to feel it got a lot of friends won’t touch mine I use my small buds and larf my favorite is coco butter chocolate chip cookies

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I make cookies and gummies from whatever weed I have grown. By far the best ones so far were from gorilla glue. Made an infused coconut oil and used corn syrup and citric …they have been best so far. 69.5mg of thc each. :yum: