What is the best way to dry

Ok can you tel me the best way to dry my R1 and and others. I named them so I’d know the difference in the ones I brought and the one out of the bag. But I have been told three different ways . Upside down with the roots, upside down without the roots,and just each individual limb by itself. So which way is correct, can you help ? I have one which may be next month ,are maybe a New Year harvest which would be great also because my B-day is the 17. And being this is my first harvest I want get it right since 6 different ones I got from you will be next.Help me understand please.

I just answered this in a couple of threads here:

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Why do we dry like what? This did not answer my question. Since you say you have talked about this, maybe it would have been a better response to tell me where to read it.I and others ask our questions as beginners because we want to get it right. So we come to you for answers that would be helpful not sounding full of sarcasm. I respect all that have been at this longer than I have. Your mind carries great experience and knowledge I and others can use to get to where your mind is in this and as far as we may want too take it. We all don’t always get to read all that you respond to. If I am disturbing you with my ignorance to this I apologize for disturbing you. Just looking for a straight answer of which of the three ways is best , upside down with the root, upside down without the root, or just the limbs by themselves.

Try following and reading the link. Did you even click on the link?

Maybe this link will work better for you (this is really in the link above though, that link links to this one):


I’ve seen plants dry in just complete darkness in they pots growed , the point the staff is trying to help you understand is that regardless of how , dying slowly will give best quality . You can hang , you hang with roots , you can trim each bud and used a drying rack , either way it has to be done in stages in order to get the quality of the plant genetics . Drying To fast you will get headaches , smoke will be very harsh and not enjoyable due to dry mouth , lots of coughing and very crumbly and dry product . Dried slowly , your buds will be very dense , very sticky , awesome smell , and smoke amazingly smooth and tolerable .


I like that name…anyway old school is to cut and leave the roots behind. Hang in the dark and keep your humidity 45% to 50% but not
Over 50 % cause your drying not moisturizing. You can cut all the large leaves off now.
Keep it this way untill you can snap the branches with your fingers.
When you can do that clean off any remaining leaves and snip your buds off and place in paper bags or use mason jars for about two wks opening jars every day to release moisture and there’s go.

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