What is the best way to dry your buds

Hey guys. Need a little help on setting up a room for the drying process. What are some of the equipment that I would need and what humidity and temp. Thanks guys.

68-72 degrees with minimum fresh air circulating humidity about 60-70 % in my opinion . You want them to slow dry not to fast and once the stem bends but feel dry I would than jar them ,are you can wait until the stem snaps , place in jars and burp everyday at least 4 times a day for about 20-30 minutes for at least 4-6 weeks .

Great thanks. Alot of my friends said 40 percent humidity and 64 degrees but I just wanted to make sure.

Yoshi is completely correct. I burp mine a little less but on the aspect of avoiding mold and mildew he is spot on. If you have your humidity at 40% instead of 60, it will dry out the buds too quick and degrade the quality. I hope by your question you are at that point and will be enjoying soon. Best thing I can recommend is don’t rush the curing process. You have gone through the whole grow. Just a little more patience 2 months and you will have lovely smoke-able stuff.

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