What is the best way to control humidity and heat?

Ok. I have a new question that I would like to send out to the forum. What is the best way to control humidity and heat?

Fans would be the best
Are you drawing outside air in?

No, have a small fan …

Anyway you can get a/c to your tent

Is there some kind of device that controls that and humidity? I dont get it …

Do you have air conditioning


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A portable air conditioner would control both humidity and heat. They typically have reservoirs/drains to collect and remove humidity as they cool the air. I have a small unit for my tent as my HPS lights crank out mega heat.

Can you send mea link so
I can purchase one… like you have…

I think I got mine from an Aldi a while back, I can’t find them online, but this is pretty close to what I have.

I see thanks…

Yep good luck

Thanks so much for ideas

iPower Electric Heater Fan W/ Digital Cool Thermostat Controller for Greenhouse, Cold weather in a few months for me… However it was like 90% humidity this summer so ya … Just riding the cool waves… might get a reptile humidifier too … Peace Out

i just put seed in soil and having hard time getting humidity up to 60-70% i have water in bowls not much help what should humidity be at at this stage

Temp and humidity go hand in hand to optimize vapor pressure differential (VPD). VPD allows the plant to transpire properly. Transpiration is vital because that is how a plant takes in CO2 and expels O2 and H2O. This expelling H2O pulls moisture and nutrients from the grow medium into the plant.

Both leaf and air temp are used along with relative humidity. Use a VPD chart to determine humidity for a given temp and the stage of growth you’re in. Be wary of charts that don’t include leaf temp.


How do you know what leaf temperature is?


I was wondering that exact same thing … I am still trying to stabilize the temp and humidity… Just installed an acinfinity t6 fan. and the temp gage is by the plants…

I was reading another thread and someone mentioned an infrared thermometer temperature gun to read the temp on the leaves. I was planning on buying one anyways for some other projects I have planned. Amazon has these for about $40.


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Thanks, now I know I saved that link, …

I think that one is for electricity … I could be wrong…