What is the best soil to start an auto in

I’m a new grower I just germinated 3 auto Chocodope im wondering the best soil to start them in I was going to go with FFHF Will that be ok

Yes, Happy Frog is a good soil for cannabis.

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Ok awesome should I add perlite

I add about 20% by volume.

Ok thanks for the info I’m so worried about screwing them up lol I’m in Va where they just legalized and I’m aloud to have 4 I’m waiting on a lemon haze to pop


Happy Frog is one of the better choices for autos. It’s not too hot.

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Will it be ok to start in a cup then transplant

Mixed recommendations on starting in a cup vs final pots for Autos.

I started my last one in a cup and transplanted, doing the same with this round as well.

Yes. I start my seeds in a Solo cup and later transplant them.

I go:

Solo cup → 10" pot → 10 gallon pot. Such a large pot is not necessary for an indoor grow and growers frequently do fine in smaller pots. It’s just a personal preference.


Cygnus makes a good point. Autos can be twitchy and generally don’t like being disturbed, particularly since you don’t know at what point the plant will flower.

Contrary to popular belief, autos aren’t really easier to grow than photoperiod plants.


Yeah I’ve read read mixed reviews and a lot say when you plant to put it in its forever home

They are much faster, which leaves ZERO room for screwups. Not that simple screwups will kill the plant but in terms of time, 48-72 hrs recovery time from transplant mishap is a huge chunk of time to lose in a 2.5-3 week veg cycle.


I build my own soil, but I use Happy Frog dry amendments. Mainly all I do is water, feed once a month and watch them grow.

Happy frog is popular choice due to being locally sold for almost everyone. I started buying roots original couple years ago and feel I like it a little better. Seems a little more consistent than fox farms stuff.


@Heatherlynn , I also in VA… I am currently running a couple autos, and I’m using fox farms happy frog indoors, and a mix of ocean forest and strawberry fields outdoors. The outdoors plants have a layer of happy frog to go through before they get to the richer soils…

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I also transplant my autos with no issues. But I do it before the roots start to hit the sides of whatever they are currently growing in.
I am also a dummy, and like to do what people say you shouldn’t do so I can learn the reasons why… :man_shrugging:t3: