What is the best size bucket for DWC?


What is the best size bucket for DWC?



for how many plants?1 plant 5gal bucket 3 plants 20gal rubbermaid tote


One plant in either a 3.5 or a 5 gallon bubble bucket.

No plant would be in the same bucket for more than 4 months, so I’m wondering if a 3.5 gal. would be adequate for my needs or if I need the 5 gallon size?

I’m disabled and I don’t want to lift any more water than I have to



if just the 1 plant u could get a 3gal rubbermaid tote 4$ from dollar store or wallyworld and use a razor knife to cut the hole in lid for the net pot drill 1/4in hole in lid for airline or sometimes it already has a hole in the handle


One plant in each bucket, but I’m thinking about this system (it has 8 buckets).

I’m thinking I could put 4 buckets in my flower tent and the other four in the grow tent.

I have never used this type DWC, I appreciate the input



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I used four cat litter trays with 6 X 6" pots, 6 pots in each tray for a total of 24 with long air stones down the middle of each tray in a sea of green for many years with great success!

I experimented with ebb and flow, various soil mixtures etc. but went back to my passive cat box system (straight out of an 80s issue of High Times) because in my opinion it was the best for my needs and methods.

I intend to use trays now in flowering, expecting (hoping!) 24 will give me a total of about 12 ozs every 40 - 50 days

My questions with the buckets is I want to hold some mothers, but in no case would they be in the bucket longer than 4 months.

In a 4 month duration I do not believe the size difference between the 3.5 and the 5 gallon bucket wood have any effect on plant growth, or at least I don’t think I would notice it in that short of a time



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Hey pigSquishy, thanks for the input, good luck with the new NFT system!

I haven’t bought yet that’s why I’m trying to get opinions. I’m probably going to go with the root spa 5 gallon × 4 unit

I’m not going to grow full-cycle in the bubblers, I just want to veg some mothers.