What is the best seed to use if I plan to clone?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I also plan on cloning. Reading articles on this site says not to use feminized seeds. What is the best seed to use if I plan to clone?

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It’s a genetic thing. Regular seeds tend to be more hearty and robust. That being said I clone from feminized seeds all the time and have had good success. I do not clone auto’s.

I only clone from my strongest most robust girls. Some strains clone easier then others I have found.

Hope this helps. Other’s will weigh in. Join the forum. We are a great group of people that only want to help you succeed.

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If you plan on cloning you’re gonna need to find a master plant, meaning one that’s head and shoulders above all the rest, one that (thanks to the roll of genetic dice) has a strong root system, a good grow pattern, and a very desirable resin, not to mention a strong immune system for resisting mold during finishing cycle.

Good luck, I clone too, I’m still rolling the dice and have found (on average) one supper-plant out of at least 50 seeds of varying strains.

It roots easy, grows vigorously, and the resin has GUMPH!

P.S. look for mutations and hermaphrodites, they’re garbage and should be destroyed.

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Regular seeds seem to be the most stable. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with sexing them so you only clone the females.

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Thank you all for the feedback. My state is going to be legal July 1at and I want to start growing some medicinal plants for my chronic pain. I have very little money so I won’t be able to keep buying seeds.

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