What is The Best Seed For This Pain?


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

"Im looking for best seed for arthritis pain or back pain . I have read acdc is but didnt see it on site was hopeing there maybe something else like it! I


All I can say is get something with a high CBD content and maybe high HTC .
You really need to find the strain you like. Like people each strain is different. And the strain you think you’ve not gonna like you just might.
I have a lot of back pain and stomach issues, I have fell in love with the girl scout cookies strain because of its medical properties. (High CBD and high THC ) Hope this helps :v:


All of these are good for pain:

Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream Grand Daddy Purple, White Widow, Northern Lights, AK47

These are in no specific order and some would be daytime and others nightime.


@bob31 that’s just about my top 5
But you did get top 3 for the most part


Chronic widow gold leaf train wreck white widow


I’ve been using White Widow and Northern Lights for several years with great results. I’m now growing some Cronic Widow to give it a go.