What is the best pollen spray that y'all prefer?

Hey y’all wassup :wave: so what kinds of pollen spray do u recommend?? I’m wanting to seed off my Bruce banner lol :joy:

You can just use a Q-tip with pollen on it, just rub it on some pistils and you should be good to go. @WVGROWER

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I’m trying to invest in some pollen spray can you tell me where to get it from. What site… G thanks

I’ve never looked. I’m sure they’re out there… @MattyBear pollen bank?

I appreciate ya :blush:Is there any good spray u wld recommend?? That’s what I’m gonna do I’m put the pollen spray on a qtip !!!

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So you want spray with pollen IN it or you want spray to make pollen aka colloidal silver. If your just looking to get your hands on some pollen I would suggest Strainly(dot)com. Before you purchase make sure you read some reviews on the seller. If there are no reviews…dont buy it lol good luck

Silver thiosulfate seems to have better efficacy than colloidal silver sprays.

Words of caution: I would not smoke or ingest flowers or extracts from plants sprayed with any of these reversing products.

I’m not sure I would seed a feminized F1. Better to breed a male and female IMO.

Why’s that new to this…

I’m just going to assume autocorrect garbled your comment.

Can you clarify: are you looking to get a female plant to produce pollen, or are you looking to purchase pollen online (which I didn’t know was a thing until I googled it just now)?

There are no pollen “sprays” as pollen get’s destroyed by water or alcohol (to the extent of my knowledge). So I thought you were asking about sprays to induce male flowers on a female plant.

I don’t think I’m the only one confused by the phrasing here.

The Y chromosome has more bulk to it than the X in cannabis. I’m interested in learning more about this myself, and if perhaps there are things that only an XY x XX breeding project can impart. I’ll try to remember to let you know if I turn anything up.

I try to buy regular seeds myself. Haven’t selfed a female yet…intentionally.

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