What is the best fastest safe way of paying?


what is the best way to pay buy seeds ect.


Any of the ways ILGM offers to accept payment is legit. I think the bank transfer/deposit was easy. Took cash to the nearest bank branch they tell me and deposited it in the account number provided. They send seeds after getting confirmation of payment.


Order as cash, after send an email saying you want to pay by PP.

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I use a credit card. I call and authorize a foreign transaction, then order.
No problems.

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I often had to do this my other bank.
I just switched banks and they didn’t bat an eye.

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I use CC. It’s fast and easy and I don’t even have to call my bank, though ILGM recommends it. I just put an order through today as a matter of fact.

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I’ve used my credit cards a few times. The last batch I sent a personal check through the mail. Worked out fine. I’ll be paying by check from now on.

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CC as well. I have found that ■■■■ is the one that runs across issues. ■■■■■■■■■■ and Amex haven’t given me any issues with oversea purchases.


Weird, it censors m astercard and v isa


I have used Z.e.l.l.e with no issues


I used zellie also everything went great had seeds within 2 weeks of payment

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I sent cash once and paid at local bank once. Both worked .

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Zellie…2 day delivery… My order was wrong but they gave me free replacement…but all in all i like what they gave me better. :smiley: