What is the best age to start feeding the girls nutrients

Hello friends my girls where germinated in fox farm light warrior. When they where 2 weeks old i transplanted into fox farm ocean forest with great white . In 2 days they will be 4 weeks old, when should i starting giving nutrients. I have fox farm nutrients that i will be using. So when and how much should i use thanks.

I’d start measuring the PPMs in the run off. If you don’t have the means to do so, give it another 3-4 weeks.


If you have a TDS meter what is the runoff from the soil last watering? If you dont have a TDS meter get one fast as it’s the best way to tell when to start feeding.

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When I used FFOF I didnt feed till flower ± dependant on ppms as that soil is full of food.

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Ok meter is on the way.

I have not watered until run off girls are in a 1 gallon pot should i water till run off. That explains why girls some times look droopy.

Drooping for several hours following a watering is normal.


No the top 3 nodes with fan leaves are perky and full of life. But the bottom 2 nodes branches have been drooping for 5 days now . The girls look super healthy and i know for a fact its not over watering because that is the most common problem so i very worried of that. If anything it could be under watering. I just learned that maybe i should water until a little run off. Maybe my girls are just a little dry.

Pictures or it didn’t happen…

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I’m a believer in water to runoff. Let it dry , then water when dry. Test the runoff for ph (in/out) and Tds (in/out) it tells you alot. Post a pict so we can see what you have. How long has she been in a 1 gal pot??

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Ok my girls are resting i wake them at 8:20 going to send pics right after lights come on. Thanks for your help.

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Ocean forest soil normally will carry plants 6 or 7 weeks before you need to feed. At that point follow up by checking ppm run off. When you do start feeding I would follow the fox farm feed schedule.
Good luck

Ok got got u going to water tmrw when my tds meter come. Then going to check run off with tds for ppm and check with rum off for ph.

Check the ph before it goes in. It should be as close to 6.5 as you can. If need to adjust use ph up or ph down.

Ok will do. Do you have any recommendations for nutrients or fox farm is ok

Most around here love Jack’s 321( pricey but will last you forever) fox farm trio is also well liked with a few who use dyna gro. Personally I’m pure organics(just phased out hydroponic ph down with organic version even)

You said you were in 1 gallon pots if you transplant to a larger pot the clock starts again wait another 4 to 6 weeks

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Ok dont mind me im just a curious person. Going to stick with fox farm untili get more experience :grin:

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I had to water them now they are thirsty 6.5 water they should bounce back right right right right right lol

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