What is the average time it takes to grow gorilla glue from seed to harvest with DWC?

Hi everyone, in just wondering, What is the average time it takes to grow gorilla glue from seed to harvest with DWC? And also do charcole filters remove 100% of the smell of weed?? Thanks everyone and happy growing! :sunglasses::v:

A properly sized charcoal filter to your fan will remove alL smells.
Gorilla glue length of growing.
That is dependent on how long you veg for. Some have a 1 month veg time, some have two.


@Covertgrower thanks heaps for your help man it’s much appreciated, also how would I tell how long to veg for? And from my understanding Is it from when the last pants ready to be put into DWC after seedling, 4 weeks from after that is the plants vegetation period? :smiley::smiley:

It won’t flower until it’s mature at 4-6 weeks. So you could flip as soon as you see that it’s mature. (Shows female or male)
You can place in dwc just past the sprout phase. You’ll need to hand top water though.


@Covertgrower thanks heaps for your help man, I have just one more question for you if you don’t mind man, is there more chance for me to get a bigger yields the longer I leave the plants in veg?
What is the purpose of leaving plants in veg for longer? :smiley::crossed_fingers:

Short answer is yes.

The limitations on that answer is the amount of light you have. You’ll have difficulties reaching to the 1/3 bottom half of the plant, and you’ll end up with larf.

Also, that takes time, it takes less Time to grow smaller plants, and flip to flower more often.

I shoot for somewhere in the middle. About 4-6 week veg time. I don’t really keep count, I just wait for a certain size. I account for stretch, I like a 3ft tall plant after the stretch.
Growing for everyone has its own style. More than happy to answer anything you have I’ll do my best. Out of likes too.


@Covertgrower Thanks heaps man your a legend! If I have any more questions I’ll let you know :sunglasses::v:
Happy growing :sunglasses:

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Hey @Covertgrower I’m just curious, do you count 4-6 weeks after dropping seeds in water? Or Do you start 4-6 weeks after their seedling stage?

After seedling stage.
Seedling stage is approximately 2 weeks. Until they get their first set of true leaves, and a few more.

Clones, you essentially skip about 3 weeks. You’re just waiting for them to get a good set of roots for them to take off. Which happens very quickly I about one week.
My recent update in my journal shows how fast they do take off in just one week. My last two entries.

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