What is That powder?

So these are pics of my fem seed that CLEARLY is Male. But what is the white residue? And when do I remove the seeds?
Also, how do I know if my fem seed turned Hermi or was it a Male from beginning?

Looks like it’s a straight male.

When we look at it the next day. It appears like something explodes because it wipes off easy. Where would the mold come from? It’s not exposed to moisture.

That is pollen. One grain of that placed on a white hair of a female makes a seed.

Those buds you pictured are not seeds, they are un opened males flowers which house the pollen.

If you have any females in the area they will get pollinated and make seeds.


If you like you can tap the base of the stalk and you’ll see the pollen disperse into the air. And as AAA mentioned when that is collected by the female at that point it’s pollinated.

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No females around. So your saying that is a FEM plant. Everyone else is saying male


It definitely is a male plant I always refer to it as pollen Saks on a male plant. And if left around females the pollen Saks will disperse pollen into the air and pollinate the female plant and the female plant will start producing seeds which is okay if that’s what you want. Will be kind of like the old compressed weed that we all used to get . Good luck enjoy your grow.

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Male plant. Either pollen or WPM ( pic of leaf with what looks like flour dropped on it)

Ok where did you get the fem seed from?, what strain / breeder? sorry but @AAA is spot on.

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Those is nanners…lol male pollen sacks…at first I was ginna say are we sure not white powder mildew but you can clearly see them popped and dispersing…neat but not sensi…good luck