What is th Seed Life

How long will seeds last, I have read that seeds will be fine at 2 years old. Any info will be appreciated.

Stored properly, dry, cold, and dark, they’ll last for years.


Thanks, I have also read that storing in a vacuum pack (like Food Saver) to keep them dry and then keeping them in the fridge is the way to go. So what you have told me confirms this.

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Yep, fridge is the way, airtight and dark with some rice grains to keep dry… I just used some 7 year old seeds and they were still 60% germinating. I also tried some 13 year old seeds recently and no dice. So even kept well, there is a time limit, so I try to “refresh” my personal seed bank every 5 years at least for the strains I want to keep.

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