What is schedule for fox farm fertilizer for soil indoors

I’m starting my second grow indoors. Using fox farm trio this grow. I’m using happy frog for my soil for my auto flowers. They in their medium and just sprung up from soil 2 days ago. I noticed on one feeding schedule to give bloom now? 1/4 dose. Is this right? Don’t make since to me but making sure this second grow does okay as I thought we not to fertilize for 2 weeks of seedling stage. Please help. I need the right fox farm feeding schedule. Thanks

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In happy frog you won’t need to fertilize for close to the first 4 weeks. You really want to wait until your soil ppms come down below 1000 before adding any ferts. Big bloom is misleading by name. It’s actually like their micronute bottle. Tiger bloom is the bloom nute. Just run ph’d water to runoff until your ppms come down. Then start at 1/4 recommended dose for whichever week you’re in when that happens.


this is the schedule I have. Is this right?

Same thing just different format

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