What is optimal % RH for flower and later drying (in tent)

My 2x4x5 tent stays at 43/45% RH, is this OK or could it be better? And due to odor i will probably
start drying (hanging buds) in tent about a week than paperbags for a week than into jars with 62% RH PACKS. Any input, suggustions, etc would be appreciated.

That’s actually pretty good spot to be in for flower, and then drying.
Around 70-75 - 40-50% RH is where I try to keep it.
The end of this summer had kept my basement super humid. My grow area had been around 70% RH since I planted.
You might not need to paper bag them for a week, If hanging them for a week. What I did was jar them for a night to see my baseline RH. Then stuck them in bags, and every 6 hours or so open the bags up and break up the buds, mixing them up. After a couple days they went back into the jars and burped from there.

Well that’s good news. LOL…figured 1 week hanging, 1 week in bag, than jar and drop a RH 62% pack in and let cure.

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