What is my plant telling me?

Hey all!
I’m growing OG Kush from clones that came to me in not such great condition, but I was able to get them healthy and vegging. but I am now noticing issues with the leaves and know my plant is trying to tell me something.
-I am growing an indoor tent set-up.

  • 3 OG Kush, about 6 weeks old now, from not so great clones. They didn’t really start vegging till I had the proper environment for them.
    -5 gal. with Happy Frog.
    -Mars Hydro TSW 2000, 24" from canopy @ 80% (But they spent first 2 weeks under a cheapo burple off Amazon, till I had the tent set-up.
    -Temp has been between 77 and 80 F lights on, and 71 F lights off.
    -Humidity has been 55% lights on, and been going up to 60% lights off, with the temp lowering. (Need a better dehumidifier before flowering to tackle that, I’m guessing)
    -I gave two of the plants some Fox Farm Grow Big, but looked like it was too much for them, even though I fed 1/4 of recommended dosage. (Might have been to early to feed? With the soil having it’s own nutes?)
    -Did a partial flush later in the week to hopefully deal with this.
    -PPM in runoff were off the charts. Like 6800, with my ph at 5.8. That triggered me wanting to flush. (Though, I’m thinking an organic soil is going to have a high ppm in runoff because of all the nutes it already has?)
    -After this flush, PH is coming out at 5.8 with ppm at 2600 in one plant, and 3800 in the other.
    -A few day ago, I gave them some worm tea and kelp. (The kelp is 0-0-14.). PPM of this going in was only like 250.
    -I foliar sprayed some cal-mag a week ago, because ithey looked like they needed it. Next day they looked very happy.
  • Last might, I foliar sprayed again with cal-mag, and watered in the morning.
    Attached pictures are what they look like now.
    Have curling leaves, downward curling tips, and what looks like some lime green coloring within the leaves. As well as a leathery look.
    And thanks in advance for any suggestions!


Welcome @Nightman to the forum!
What is the PH going in?
Heard it said you don’t have to feed until your runoff gets down around 1100 or so.
Usually last about 6-8 weeks before you have to feed. Foiler spray is not the best idea unless it’s for bugs. It works, just not the best idea. So often, spray is not the answer. Everything your plants need should be in the dirt, until
It runs out.
Plants look good! Do you have a lot of wind blowing on them. That will make leaves curl.
Also, what is your OH going in?

Maybe @Bogleg @kellydans @PurpNGold74 may have more insight as to what’s going on.


@spyonyou Thanks for the quick reply!
I’ve been PHing to 6.5 with carbon filtered water.
There is a tower fan oscillating in a corner, pointing at the tent walls, with a 6" clip on pointing between light and canopy. And 4" exhaust in a 4x4.
They’ve been responding great to LST!
But def worried with how they’re looking now.


Pretty sure the tacoing (upward folding leaves) is from too much light. Looks like it’s on the upper leaves which would support that too. I’m no expert though so wait for a pro lol

Also I don’t recommend doing any sprays at all unless spraying for bugs like @spyonyou said. And if you do spray, it is recommended you don’t spray when you have the lights on as the liquid can serve as a magnifying glass when it sits on the leaf, causing it to burn.


Minor heat/light stress: raise lights another 6" and call it good. Plants look remarkably good.


Welcome to the community ! My first Thoughts with ppm runoff at 2600 and 3800 I would go with pH water right now. Let the pots dry out good in between watering. Check the runoff in a couple of weeks for PPM reading. Overall plants look good.


Thanks for the tag too. Yup heat/light.

The tips are a bit of Nitrogen overabundance


Thanks @Dankloud!
I only foliar spray when lights go out. But maybe feeding cal-mag that way was too much for them. I went that route cause I didn’t want to add anything else to soil with PPMs being so high already.


Oh, and I dropped light to 75%, but thinking I might need to raise them up a little?


Whether plants receive too many salts through roots or leaves it’s still the same! Your plants are doing just fine except for minor heat/light stress. Don’t fall in to the trap of loving your plants to death: they are just fine!


They look pretty good. Canoeing leaves can be caused by pH problems or too much light. These look like they are trying to hide from the light. Suggest turning your lights down a little or raising the light and see what happens.


Ditto, ditto and ditto. The above advice is outstanding. Change the light height first.

Good growing…


Thanks everyone! Really appreciate the advice!


Hey all. So moving the light helped! Veg went great, looking lush and green… But now having a mini-freak out over some yellowing leaves. It started week 1 of flower with fan leaves under the canopy going yellow. Now in mid-week 4, and everyday I open the tent, I’m seeing this progress to the top of canopy. I know this is ok later in flowering, but just seems to early in week 3-4.

Growing OG Kush, all organic, except for the ph up/down, which has been General Hydro. (Still confused on whether or not to ph water for organics??). Been PHing to 6.5. Last time I checked runoff, it was about the same.

  • First week of flower, I top dressed with Coast of Maine fish bone meal (1/4 cup) with npk of 5-13 0, 18% calcium.I also top dressed with some worm castings.
  • week 2, just gave Growganica’s Kelp It Real.(0-0-14) This is water soluble organic fert.
  • week 3 started with 1/2 cup Fish Bone Meal, top dress of worm castings, and 1 Tbsp Liquid Squid (2-3-0).
  • week 4, started thinking this is a magnesium deficiency. Especially because at the top, the yellowing seemed to happen under the LED. (Mars Hydro 2000, 28" above @ 75%. These girls are sensitive to light!) I didn’t have Epson on hand, so I gave 4 ml of Bloom City cal-mag. Also, threw in more Kelp It Real, and worm casting tea.

Any thoughts?
I read OG Kush is a heavy cal-mag feeder. So, was thinking not enough magnesium. But calcium should be good from fish bone, I would think. I also use Carbon Filtered water, so the cal mag in that water should still be there, after filtering.
The other thought is maybe not enough potassium?

Here are some pics:


Overall the girls don’t look too bad. I believe that Myfriendis410 has given you some good advice. I don’t know what your runoff PPM’s are, but as I read what you are doing I am thinking you are loving your plants a little too much. You are throwing a lot at them, and with organic growing a little goes a long way. I was chasing a problem with my last two grows, and it can be very easy to give them what you think they need, and then give them a little extra of something else. A problem with that can be that you have given them so much you don’t know what helped. With one change at a time you can tell in a few days what effect it had, or didn’t have. Keep learning! Oh, I copied this chart on nutrient deficiencies, maybe it will help you. The yellowing leaves are normal in flower as the plant shifts its focus from growing to reproduction.

The other chart didn’t help me at all, but this one is a little better. Bring 'em on home sir!! Peace…

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@patchman Yeah. Totally guilty of lovin’ on these girls too much. :rofl: This chart is definitely helpful. Thanks!!

Didn’t think I was throwing so much at them, though. Other than the fish bone meal, which breaks down slowly, the worm castings and kelp are pretty mellow. PPM going in hasn’t been above 250. Haven’t checked it on the out in a bit, but last I checked, they were on point. These girls are so sensitive, though.

In contrast, the runt of the 3 clones, who is actually looking healthy is in 50/50 Ocean Forest and Happy Frog, with same feeds. While the ones showing issues were only Happy Ftog. Check out the difference. Something extra good in that FFOF!