What is my next step?

A question from a fellow grower:

I have them in veg right now and hit them with a 20ml per gallon dose of Bayer tree and scrub. This was on Wednesday today is Sunday. Initially I saw some new growth right away but now the leaves are looking very splotchy. What is the best next step? More chemicals or should I give them some nematodes? Also I have other plants in bloom that have springtails. Will nematodes take care of those and are springtails actually a problem?

The best way to start on this site is to give us a list of your particulars on your grow (light type and strength, type of nutrients, type of grow (soil, Hydro, soil-less) water pH, PPM) and basically anything else that will tell us about your grow.

The symptom stated could be nutrient Burn, pH too high or low, PPM to high or a number of things. The information you give will help us help you.