What is it and is it too late to fix

What is it and Is it too late to fix. This is a Purple Haze and I’m using foxfarm ocean Forest. And we have had a very wet year.

Hello @Slim420 it would be easier to know the problem if we see pictures! :blush:


Please show a whole plant pic. Wait to allow the pics to upload. We really want to help.

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I guess it would help wouldn’t It , lol.

Looks like bud rot
To me


That’s why it’s important to inspect your bud.

Bugs and rot start small. Get rid of it while it’s small whatever it is…


Bud rot.

Bag the bud and then cut it off.
You can’t see it with your own eyes but anytime that bud moves or the wind blows spores are spreading everywhere, hence the bag and then cut. Cut aggresvily. Stuff you see below and above it may look good but it’s already effected.


Bud rot

Ouch…sorry :disappointed:

Thanks everybody for the help. I’m thinking I should just go ahead and cut it down

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Yup best thing for it buddy


I’m hoping I can get a little bit out of it

@oldmarine @Lacewing @Hellraiser et al. Is this powdery mildew? If so, was thinking to wipe each leaf with plain water and paper towels, let dry, then use fungicide. I’ve also read that milk will do it???

Yeah I’d wait for one of the others …I know it’s H202 but don’t know the formula with water …

I wouldn’t wipe it at all …don’t touch it
Even with gloves

Everything you touch it could spread
It needs to be treated …you’ll only spread it I’m sure if you wipe it

I have a product called grow safe that would kill it …
It can be found on Amazon
But no need to spend money if h202 can do it

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