What is ideal vegetative length of time?

I’m growing a few different strains of sativa. Even though they are sativa they are growing short and bushy. However they look healthy and appear to be thriving. I’m a 1st time grower so a little apprehensive about pruning and topping and possibly messing up healthy plants. They have a Cigarillo size stem and only about a foot tall. Any suggestions on the size I should let them get before forcing flowering. Of course I’m looking for maximum yield and potency (for a beginner)

I too am wandering ideal length of vegetative state? I have never grown indoors. I want my plants to get maximum size but have read descriptions of indoor plant size versus my experiences outdoors and for example I read about 2 feet tall for an Afghan indoors. Outdoors I usually grow them six feet or close to it and very bushy. So when I read indoors but achieving 14 usable Oz’s of marijuana a plant it makes me think very wow almost unbelievable thinking also that 2 feet tall plant must be very bushy and wide to say the least. I know people from what I have read screen of green which seems good idea so canopy is kept around same heights and super cropping which I accidentally did outdoors but worked like a charm on the 1 branch I accidentally damaged and taped. So I am asking is this still just 2 feet tall maybe with the other above techniques I mentioned or is is because its taller like outdoors I said around 6 feet or a combination of both but the original question was typically indoors how long in vegetative state for an Afghan?

It depends on what you’re looking for really. The main thing is that you understand no matter what they won’t produce flowers until they’re mature enough. That’s usually around 4 weeks. Otherwise you can go as long as you want to get plant to desired size really.


Exactly as dbrn said; you can evaluate the space and get some idea of how big you want your canopy to maximize your expensive real estate. I use a SCROG for this reason as it turns the plant into a rectangle and produces a flat (more or less) canopy that can be run up fairly close to the LED’s for best efficacy.

How your plant grows can affect it too; some media like coco seem to give me a larger plant for the same length of time in veg compared to soil. I have a GL right now that I will veg for 3 months before flipping; just to fill the available space. Yields doing that will be between 8 and 12 oz of bud per plant.


Alot of factors can play into height… height of box or lights any training that you do plus their gonna stretch when you flip to flower so a 2 ft plant can become a 4 ft plant during the stretch period.


All great answers :wink:

The type of lighting and the available space will determine the best finished height for your plants .This is something best determined with practise. Grow some plants to maturity and work back from there. Keep detailed notes on what age the plants were when you flipped. How tall they were on average. How much they stretched, did they outgrow the available space, did you have too many plants in the space. This is called dialling in your grow.Most indoor lighting systems will only penetrate about 2ft into the canopy so there really is not much benefit to growing plants any bigger than this or you start to lose light intensity or reach the point of diminishing returns.

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I agree all have given good advice
I normally start my floweeing process when the plants are about half of my total max hieght so in my case i have a total of 6 foot of vertical space below my lights and ill flower when the. Plants are around 3 feet tall
Proper training helps keep them from getting to tall

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Too tall at the end is pretty bad. You have to tie the buds down or they get burned, if you run out of room. You really need to know what your strain does. Some double in height after going to 12/12. Some triple!

Get out the tape measure and figure out the maximum height in your grow chamber. Don’t forget pot height, space for the light, and space between the light and the plant. That will tell you when to stop vegging.

Thanks for all the help👍 I ended up getting brave and tried pruning on a couple, it went well. I also went with the SCROG. I checked out my strains and it said they handle LST well.

I appreciate it everyone. All you guys have been very helpful.its so nice to have a place where people like myself can ask and comment what’s on my mind so thanks again