What is Hash?

What is Hash? Is it the same as marijuana or is it made of marijuana? Does hash grow on a plant?

Hashish (commonly known as hash) is basically the essential form of marijuana. It effectively breaks down the THC to provide a much more potent product. Just smoking regular buds and leaves will not get you the same kind of high that hash can. It is usually found in a paste-like substance that makes it a rather malleable material. There are plenty of ways to use hash, but it can be a difficult product to make. Thus, many beginners might avoid trying to produce hash. Even so, it can give you a unique high if you use it properly.

First and foremost, however, you must be careful with any hash that you might have purchased from a dealer. This is largely because hash tends to be laced with other, heavier drugs like opium and you might not be ready for that kind of sensation. In fact, many people who have smoked opium-laced hash have found that it gives them the sensation that their lungs are expanding. If that happens to you, it’s best to take it slow and see exactly how it affects you. Hash can also be laced with more sinister drugs like crystal meth. If you start to feel very unpleasant with an increased heart rate and a sort of “speed buzz,” it’s probably best to just throw out the hash you’ve got.

If you can trust the hash you’ve procured, then you might be in for a fine time. Seeing as it’s made from the THC resin and “crystals” found on the plant, the high you will experience is bound to be greater than simply smoking bud or leaf. Kneading the hash tends to heat it up which in turn brings out some of the resins filled with THC. Most hash is made this way so that the experience is well worth it. Of course, separating the THC resin and the crystals from the coarse plant fiber can be a tedious task that most beginners won’t really be prepared for.

Hash is also responsible for creating kif, which is just a form of hash used in the Arabic world. Instead of adding the resin, kif merely describes a mixture of all the THC-laden crystals found on the marijuana plant. It is generally ground into a fine powder and mixed with other marijuana products like hash itself. This product is wildly popular in places like Morocco and the Middle East. When sold commercially, kif comes in what almost looks like big rectangular chocolate bars.

The best smoke is probably mixing a combination of all kinds of different cannabis products. Using hash and traditional bud in the same joint can make for a wholly relaxing experience. Many people enjoy hash more when it is combined with their favorite strain of regular marijuana. Of course, some individuals do love to use hash laced with harder drugs, but it’s really inadvisable (particularly for crystal meth). However you use hash, be sure to use it safely and enjoy the ride. After all, that’s what smoking marijuana is all about.


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