What is happening to the tops?

Mid week 9 of flowering, my first grow, indoors, white widow auto with some strange genetics as I sprouted the darling May 20th and it is September 22. Just 2 days ago some buds(?) Stretched out their little arms and it looks like the beginning of foxtailing. I moved the lights higher and cooled her down some. Still a little too warm. Says its 81 degrees F. RH is 48.6 presently. Trics are getting cloudy, but still have a ways…so think I. Can you tell anything just by pictures?


It seems a mix of foxtailing/reveging. Are you feeding bloom nutes?


Double check for light leaks and make sure you’re not feeding too much N.

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Thanks for responding. Thats what it seems like to me as well. Bloom nutes…i had flushed her 2 weeks, or so ago, only to realize she had a few weeks to go, so i gave her a light meal of General Hydroponics series gro- micro- bloom plus a cal- mag. Ppm’s around 900- 1000, as of runnoff. But I’ve gone out of my way to (accidentally) stress the heck out of her. The major thing was doing a radical fan leaves trim at 6 weeks flowering. Oh the pain of action prior to investigation! I wanted better air flow as she was so bushy. Also, i think the heat in the tent was a bit high and lights a bit low for 2 days after her last watering- feeding.
How to stop the new growth- foxtailing? I thought not to feed her again and just let the nutes be used up. I think 2- 3 weeks more, depending on how fast the tricomes fully cloud and begin to amber.
Revegging does not sound positive this late in her little plant life.

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can i stop this process of reverse and or foxtailing? How would I know if too much nitrogen? Ty

As long as you’re feeding bloom nutes and not something that’s specifically intended for veg, your probably okay, unless you still have a bunch of nutes in your soil.

It looks like a light leak to me, but I’m still fairly new myself. I’d go sit in the tent for 15-20 min after lights out and make sure you don’t have any random leaks or light source. Someone else had a very similar issue a while back. I think he figured out he had a random light in to room that was connected to a switch outside the room. Someone else had one that was caused by the red light on their dehumidifier or timer.

If it is a light issue, she should go back to flowering when you fix it.

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Ah ha! I have a light on the dehumidifier in the tent. Also on the humidifier, both of which have been in use and do not shut off at night. But they have been there the whole flower stage. I will duck tape the light. Ty ty ty kindly! Its been a long strange trip/ journey…


Very welcome. I hope that fixes it for you! Happy growing. :metal:

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once they start foxtailing it’s tough to stop but it looks like you’ve already taken the moves to address it. several things can cause it, usually heat or light stress and some plants are prone than others. in later flower they require less light and you can either raise your light or lower the power if you have that option on your light. if you grow this strain again or grow a clone, you’ll know next time that at week xxx to decrease the light it’s getting.

i don’t know that this is revegging, but i’m a little unclear if it’s being suggested that veg nutes can cause a plant to reveg? i don’t think a light leak would cause that either. fairly sure the plant needs to be under more than 12 hours of light to start that process. i’d be surprised if the dehumidifier light could cause this but hey, am always learning something. i would expect it to cause a hermie.

many folks will defoliate at day 42 after flip, which is what it sounds like you were doing? IF that caused too much stress to the plant, it would likely manifest that stress by causing it to hermie… probably not foxtail. that being said, lots of folks do the day 42 and are fine and it’s a fairly accepted grow style. my best guess is this is from light stress.

once you have foxtailing it’ll keep spitting out white pistils and clear trichomes. i’ll usually check the trichomes on the buds further down to get a better read.

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Too much N during flower can cause foxtailing, but this looks more like the result of a light leak.

Thank you for your response. I fixed the 2 lights in the tent and the other thing I discovered (maybe) was my VDP, which i somehow only now may have understood was quite off- in that my tent thermo says around 81F but I had VDP set as though temp was around 75F, so I adjusted the RH to match the temp. That was easier than trying to lower the temp for now. I know 81F is too high, but that is what I’m working with. Some tricomes are amber, I’ve got a bit of everything going on- clear, cloudy and amber. This will be interesting, what this bud turns into. I think 10 more days may do it. Many sugar leaves are yellowing. First grow and not a very scientifically minded gal, me.

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you’re doing great and a year from now you’re still gonna be learning.

getting your grow environment under control i think is at least half the battle of growing. and when the seasons change, just when you got it all nailed down, it’ll change. once you get all the toys and more experience and just see how your own living space reacts to changes in seasons, you’ll be able to control it better and adapt.

foxtailing can also be caused by genetics and some plants are just more sensitive than others. i have a bunch of different strains going all under the same light/same tent and one or two may foxtail while the others are all fine. i’ve had two plants now just grow 100% foxtail fluff when everyone else was fine. i probably won’t be growing those again. you’ll start picking up on trends over time… just takes so danged long.

How does foxtailing effect the final product? Do you trim it off before drying and curing ?

I can only tell you what people have told me… is that it can affect potency but for me it’s more of a bag appeal thing. I leave mine on. but when they get too bad, often the entire bud will be fluff. for me personally, i don’t care. i’m a lightweight. other heavy users on here will often just save them for processing into concentrates. the fact you also have leafy growth in there signals to me they may also be a little fluffy. but see it through, just keep checking those trichomes.

what strain and what week? is mid week 9 from flip or from the start of buttons? people will often count “flower” differently.

and have you inspected for nanners? you had a light leak in there and nanners are very common when this happens. also my experience that that will affect the overall quality/density once a plant hermies.

what aspect are you referring to in terms of the result of a light leak? foxtailing or the green growth?

This. Looks like the start of reveg from a light leak.

There was someone else on the forum who had the exact same new growth happening from the plants getting light when they were supposed to be in the dark.

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i’m going to preface this with i really don’t know either way. I’ve had plants do this a few times when there were no light leaks in the tent. that doesn’t mean a light leak couldn’t cause it- there was a light present that goes under what we DO know. i really am curious to know though if a small light could cause the whole thing to reveg. i’m deliberately trying to reveg a few clones right now and it’s a lengthy process under a full spectrum light for 18 hours. would love someone else to chime in on this, too.

Here’s the thread I was referring to.

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LOL that sucks. he obviously needs to laundry more often.

i guess i’m still surprised an intermittent light could do it. a light that big on all the time… yeah. but just once and awhile? damn plants. i have no idea.

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Its White Widow, auto. This is now beginning week 10 of flowering. Week 10 after going to 12-12 light cycle. Started May 20. Some weird auto. Was suppose to take 9 weeks total, I believe.

I will be making tinctures, butter, cream but I also enjoy a power packed smoke!!!

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