What is happening to my plant

I have one out of 4 plants that look like these pics. All the same nutes and water schedule. The only difference is the other three are in bags and this one is in a pot. All 3-gallon containers. 25 days into flower. soil with fox farm.

What did you feed it last ? Have you slurry test your dirt before feeding ?
Gotta find out what ph and ppm is at the roots zone and adjust it gradually . Once in bloom its not much can be done to fix the leaves but it will still bud just not as big as they can if the ph and ppm is off !

Big Grow, Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom and Bembe. Ph on water after adding nutes 6.5. Have not slurry tested soil. Had never heard of that before. the other 3 are doing great.

You will never get the same growth in the same nutrient mix , especially in multiple strains ? Each plant has its own characteristics in growth development and feeding even ph sometimes , but i strongly suggest anyone who just learning to always test your soil the day you feeding so you do over feed your plants :potted_plant:. It just makes sense to know whats going on at the root zone before adding any supplements . If you water , water , feed , by time you get into week 3 or 4 in flower you will burn your plants everytime i guarantee you this , trust me ive sone it for over 10 years until i got an ephinany moment one morning ! If you learn to slurry test your dirt if its organic dirt , you wont burn them as much and they will grow healthy and big buds.
If you want to grow plants :potted_plant:, im not your guy , but if you want to grow bushes , i might can help you a wittle bit !

Thanks for the advise.

Once you get the ph and ppm numbers at the root zone , you might just have to readjust nutrient ppm and ph for that plant if its the only one showing signs ? Autopots is you answer !

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