What is happening to my plant?

This and another plant that are planted next to a small creek. they are both all by their self and their growth is some what stunted. When the one was planted it got plenty of sun. As the spring went on trees started shading it. I’ve given it water and some nutes over the veg cycle but it didn’t get as much as others I have growing in pots in my front yard. Now being a 1st time grower I really didn’t know what the hell I was doing, imagine that! So I have another plant by the creek that was rather a pale green to almost yellow. So guessing it was lacking in most every department I decided to experiment and gave it some 15 30 15 plant food. Now I don’t remember if I put any of this on my other plant growing by the creek or not but here’s what happened… The pale green/yellowing plant perked right up! the shad of green darkened a lot but not to the point of a healthy plant ( I forgot to mention both of these plants have entered flowering stage). So I wait about a week and give the plae green plant more of the 15 30 15. the other one by the creek while not very big looked really healthy and was flowering . This one I put Tiger bloom on the next time. Now I have a few small yellow spots on the leaves. I have leaves that have only 3 or 4 leafs on them or 4 normal nd 1 small leaf. I’m trying to up load some pictures of this plant . any guidance would be helpful. sorry for the ramble.

Looks to be in nitrogen rich area, just keep an eye on it

I would cut back on the nutrients say 50% and slowly add more.
It sounds like just to much nutrients at once.


@Sasquatch The 15-30-15 nute …what is your mixing ratio what to what ? and what brand ? Hammer

If its outdoors 15-30-15 will be fine for it it will handle it great outside

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Thanks to all for the input. FYI this is bag seed. Here’s what I’ve done so far. I flushed the soil. I dumped 2 gallons of fresh water in this plant. and let it sit for a couple days. Maybe its wishful thinking but the plant seemed to have perked up a bit as it was a bit droopy. I picked up a soil test kit and tested for NPK after the flush. the results were very low for both N and P. I didn’t test for K but it would stand to reason the other 2 are real low so is the K. So yesterday I mixed up some TB(following the mix directions on the bottle) and put about a quart on the plant. and I’m going to give it another quart today then give it about 3 days and give it a gallon. I’ve checked the soil ph and its around 6.5 and 6.8 ( I checked it after applying the TB) . Ill update progress in a few days. Again thanks for all the response. I’ve been flying blind mostly with this grow and since finding this site I have learned many things I should have done to improve my grow. Even with this plant being small it has gone into flowering and is producing a very tightly packed bud.

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In flower a little tip, you need more P-K than N. Phosphorus and potassium help buds swell

that’s why I put Tiger Bloom on it