What is happening to my girls

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Changed water 2 days ago. pH around 5.8-6 by test strip. No nutes. They are slowly declining.
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I am bumming.

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You need to feed them… :wink:
What do you have for nutrients?
A support ticket would help tremendously…:grin:
For me to help you… :grin::+1:
Plants aren’t going to die at this point… they are just hungry… :wink:
150 to 250 ppm at most right now…
Starting at 0 to 20 ppm… ro water… :wink:


Exactly what @peachfuzz said. You provide all nutrients in Hydro and she’s starving! :v:

  • What strain: Jack Herer from seedbank
  • Method: Hydroponics
  • Vessels: Buckets
  • PH of Water: 5.8 to 6 via test strip. My meter is being delivered today
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution :Well water starts at 0.74 EC. After 50% nutes it’s .94.
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor
  • Light system: Mars II 900 about 2 feet from plants
  • Temps: Day, Night 70 lights on 64 lights off
  • Humidity; Day, Night 40 - 50 lights on. Haven’t looked with lights off
  • Ventilation system: Yes, No, Size Yes exhaust. Hurricane 4 inch duct fan 171 cfm
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: None on these
  • Co2: No

In pics below no nutes. I say no nutes because prior to this I had them at 50% and that’s when this started.
So I changed the water and didn’t add nutes to see if that’s what was causing this. I was thinking nute burn. However, pH at that time was well above 7.

I just added 50% strength nutes while writing this support ticket and EC increased to .94

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Thanks guys


Do you have enough air flowing into your buckets? What does your rockwool look like? Any black or algae growing in it? Any root discoloration? Plants look starved of oxygen.

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I usually run about 200ppm at that age and yes are your roots ok?

Oxygen is 8 ppm. Each bucket and the reservoir have an air pump and air stone in them.

I’m using rapid rooters vice Rockwell. The rapid rooters are wet and don’t show any signs of mold or anything like that.

Thank you for your response.

I have water level where it’s just into the net pots. This is causing the rapid rooters to be saturated. Should I Iower the water level? Could this be causing oxygen starving to some degree? I have it at the current level due to other info I’ve read.

I just want to say again that you guys are wonderful.

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This is a practice I used to do as well, and found my plants struggled initially with growing roots and minor infections. By lowering the level of the water in the DWC below the net cups allows the media(rockwool/rapid rooters) to dry out and forces the plant roots to reach and grow towards the water.

Perfect! The smaller of the two is struggling to grow any substantial roots below the pot. Makes sense what you say about lowering the water level. BTW, the girls leaves have perked up since I added nutes this morning.

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Just wait. Once those roots get into the nutes the plant will just explode with growth!


That will be awesome. Found my other problem. pH test strips are junk. pH with my new, calibrated meter wad 8.7! Brought it down to 5.8.

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Great reference to have on top of all the great help in this forum :wink:





1 to 2" below the net pot. Dripper until touching the nutrient solution then discontinue. Probably some damping off going on along with PH and nutrients.

@peachfuzz suggested lowering the TDS to 200 ppm: that’s an EC of .4. Maybe run some straight water in to lower that value.

Can you put up a picture of your roots or have they erupted from the clay yet?

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Although looking rough the girls are actually starting to look better. Lowered the water two days ago to 1.5 inches below the pots. Have been attempting to lower pH to 5.8 but it’s really buffered around 6.2. Still trying. He’s pics of the girls and their roots. The one with practically no roots is about a week behind the other. I’ve got 50% strength nutes in the buckets. Top feeding the smaller one with a mild root starter. Both are growing.
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Should I cut off those dead leaves?

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They will likely fall soon but there’s still sugar being produced in the green part. I’d let em go a bit.

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@bryan here’s the sordid story.

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Water temp…?