What is happening between these two trees?

  1. Is the thick bud tree growing seeds?

  2. Which of these trees is meant to be the standard for marijuana?

One tree has so many pistols and barely any trichomes!

The other tree is covered in trichomes and barely any pistols…



If they have the same ma same pa? In a word? Phenotypes. Same reason im 6’5 and my bro is 5’8… or he’s lightskinned with cattish eyes and im darker with dark eyes. Genetics represent differently in different seeds. Now if they were clones from the same plant? Ud have more identical bud development.

Which is ‘true marijuana’? No telling. Its in the eye of the beholder. I personally dont like heavy sativas. Cinderella would probably give me a panic attack and most hazes make me woefully paranoid.

More of a Kushy sticky trich covered, wreck ur grinder kinda bud guy. Give me some good Afghani or Northern Lights and im happy for a wake n bake, afterwork smoke, of even before night bud. But Joe Cool down the street may prefer long sticky racey nuggs. Its completely subjective from terps (smell), high (sedated vs perky), bud density, etc etc…

What do you like is the more important question.



Purpngold said it perfectly. :clap: nice fat buds my friend! I notice you have some foxtailing but they look great! :+1:

Would need better close up to see if it was producing seeds.


sorry to be off subject, but dude I love reading your responses. I picture myself in a sitcom based off of the movie half baked lol

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Haha! Thanks. Thats quite the compliment… i know I tend to ramble and get off topic sometimes too. But thanks again

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Thank you :grin:

These babies are experiments. Gorilla Glue Autos, I lollipoped and defoliated during Veg.

I’m assuming their genetics are good :+1: considering all my research suggests not to lollipop or defoliate. There is so much information out there, but each tree responds differently.

Also! I left my lights on high 480w with my extractor fan on medium. Temps are 30 degrees and rH 60%, according to the Infinity controller.
These trees are impressive; I’ve under cared for them.

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That second pic is done

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Correct, it’s flush week :upside_down_face: