What is happening? Any suggestions would be helpful!

Hey stuff happens. Just drop a few more seeds!

Now… I believe plants need water before the heat of the day. Helps them breeze thru the scorching sun. Seedlings dont like scorching sun all day. Maybe in the morning and evening but noon os a bit much for under 2 week old gals often.

Also watering is a fine line. Most new growers biggest problem is overwatering. It kills seedlings by the thousands every year lol. But urs look underwatered? Could be the too many hours thing.

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Okay I’ll water when I get home from work. It’s been around 2am instead of before leave. So lights okay 2am to 2pm or better 2pm to 2am? Crazy hours.

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Your call. Most places, entergy is cheaper overnight. Also most growers find the lower temps overnight to be easier to control then the daytime environment.

I run lights during the day so I can adjust as needed.

Its a total preference thing

Hmm good to know :thinking:

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Yup. Also when changing light hours like we just discussed (from daytime 12 hours to over night 12 on), if ur in flower its better to give extra darkness as u reset. Like not using 24 hours straight of light to get them to go off at day. Much better to give some extra darkness in that instance.

In veg its less important but overdoing light time in flower can encourage nanners and herms

Which one do you like?

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This one lol…. whats ur space again?

Right now on my kitchen. I’m getting ready to upgrade to spare bedroom. I can set a tempature and be way more efficient. I have 5 happy plants and would like to have at least eight growing. Also what is the best way to give nutrients? So sorry trying to get some good advice :laughing:. Lol

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Never apologize for asking questions. How else is one to learn?

That light is too small for 5-8 plants. Ur gonna need a 320… maybe bigger lol.

Nutrients depends on what ur using. I use fish emulsion.

So get a gallon of water.
Add 2 spoons of the veg emul
Shake like heck
1 spoon of bloom emul
Shake like heck

Test the ppms and ph of said mixture
Adjust into the proper range (6.3-6.8 pH for soil)

Then I pour in slow circles around the plant. Thoroughly drenching ALL the soil very slowly. U want to make sure it seeps down over all the soil and not just where u are pouring in one spot.

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Thank you so much! Ordering what I need this week and I’m sure I’ll have more questions! :relieved:

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Have u decided on a nutrient line? N best of luck. We’ll be here!


What do you think of Super Thrive? No idea what to get. Getting this light.

Super Thrive is not a complete fertilizer, just some B vitamins, not what you need at all.

That WAKYME light is not going to take you where you want, it’s a 100 watt light pretending to be a 1000 watt light, barely enough light to grow one plant, not the 5 or 8 plants you are planning on.

You really should run the light by us before you buy so you don’t waste money.

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Ditto what @Hellraiser said. Superthrive is good for helping clones root. Not a nutrient supplement for full grown plants at all.

And that light is definitely a stretch. Cancel if possible. Remember u get what u pay for. A bit of an initial investment will save u hundreds in dollars and disappointments

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I didn’t order the light yet. I had a feeling it was wrong. That’s why I showed you first! I appreciate it! If you could suggest a light for around 8 plants and nutrients. It’d be in spare bedroom. I know it’s hard to make suggestions because every situation is different. Geez frustrating :expressionless:


Tad bit expensive. But flowering 8 plants is around a 4x8 if done properly. Ur gonna need some serious lighting. Remember 2x2 per plant by harvest USUALLY

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What do you think of the grow kits? Might be the best investment. I’ll do more research on lighting.

Grow kits? Which ones? Like a tent, light, and etc?

Never buy those things. U get them all at once but they will saddle u with a useless blurple.

U could just buy them separately and save urself the headache. I know its a broken record. But lighting is the most expensive yet single most important aspect to growing indoors.