What is happening and is it NORMAL?

Ok here we go, it’s been a minute since I’ve been on here. I’m almost at the end of my grow and this is the first time I’ve ever had any problems but I’m also in a different house now but anywho… I’m using ffof soil and ff nutes, using cal mag plus as well. Ok so everything has been going smoothly until now I believe I’m on the end of my 5th week in flowering. I’m planning on flushing them soon but lately my leaves are starting to look like pure thee :poop: it’s happening slowly and I can’t seem to think of what it can be but my leaves have orange spots on them, then it just gets bigger until I can’t stand the sight anymore and cut it off. The buds, they look great but some of my leaves look crazy can anyone help. I tried to take the pics the best I could in the light.

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Can you get some pics under regular light . It all just looks blurple.

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If the lights didnt just go off I could, I know if you look at some of the leaves in the background you can see the bloches, all the markings on the leaves are orange not brown or anything. If this doesn’t help I’ll probably have to do a repost in the morning.

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I can see the leaf issue it’s just difficult to be sure. It looks to me like a calcium deficiency . How are your ph and ppm input & runoff numbers

Input numbers are between 6.5 and 6.7 and runoff comes out at 6.0, 6.1 BUT I did just get new meters yesterday. My readings have been somewhat consistent both goin in an out. Been trying my best to stay on top of things because I’ve read up on the issues. I thought cal mag was supposed to do the trick. This is also my second grow, the first one I didn’t have any problems but I also was in a different house lol

Does it look like this under normal light?

No no, instead of starting at the tips they start as little orange dots and then bloches up and gets bigger. But it takes a few days to get worse. Starting on the bottom leaves. Nothing on sugar leaves just the fan leaves.

I’d recommend flushing it with just ph’d water to start.
I’m thinking you have an excess in the root zone and it’s locking out calcium and dropping your ph.

Ohhh joy lol. I was planning on flushing it Sunday only because it’s at it’s 2 wks. Should I use my flushing agent or just water. Just got the agent as well but have not used yet.

I have never used a flushing agent, but many on here do. I’ve heard mostly of sledgehammer with good results

Unfortunately they won’t deliver that too me so I ended up having to get a different one. But I will try it. Thanks a bunches cause at first it wasn’t bothering me because I thought it was fixed but then it blew up and got bigger and Im glad it’s time to flush anyway lol

:+1: anytime. Usually once you get the numbers dialed back in the leaf issues will stop as long as you have your nutrient line dialed in. The affected leaves won’t recover but it’ll stop it from spreading :v:

@Watt-Sun Ok here is a better pic out of the blurple lights lol I just got done flushing it

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@Oldguy @Zee @Covertgrower hey it’s been awhile I was wondering if you guys had any input or advice

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Gotta have that pic in natural light to see the plant clearly as @Watt-Sun said.
If your flush was good enough to reset the root zone you should see a difference in a few days.
How much and what (water / feed ) did you run thru the plant ?
How were the final runoff numbers ?

And good to see you back around.


I agree with Oldguy, wattsun, challenging to understand what’s happening with your plant with out natural lighting pictures.
Your medium looks dry, and if the the medium dries out it can cause ph issues also. I would keep the medium moist, especially during flowering.


My fans were too high, it was wind burn🤦🏾‍♂️ they are doing great now.