What is good for pest and mold outdoors

need something for bugs and mold outdoors want a top members answer…top mods plz i need help i feel some on here are trying to sale products


We like to use Captain Jacks. Safe durring veg. and flower. Also looking into garden bugs such as lady bugs.
As for the mold. Air flow is key. Some say dont trim outdoor plants. I would argue that.


My grow is in an outdoor space behind a shed. I got a decent harvest last year, but this year the caterpillars really hammered my crop. My local hydro store sold me a bottle of “Monterey BT” to spray on the plants, and after three applications they look terrible. I’m applying it per the bottle’s instructions, and didn’t spray them when in full sun.



I’ve been told to spray anything going on as foliar in the dark. No pratical experience outside yet.

Good luck


Neem oil is good for unwanted critters and is a decent fungicide as well.


Thanks but there is no way I’m smoking neem oil. Nor is my wife, who is well educated in this area. This is one reason that I grow my own!

The plants look worse every day, think I’ll have to start over. I’m no night owl, but I’ll manage to treat them in the dark next time.

I have another batch of plants coming along that will be ready to go outside in a couple of weeks, plus a rack of seedlings that will follow them. I do have plenty of seeds.

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I’ve heard you can use been oil and then when you go to harvest do what is called a “bud wash” since you cannot flush outdoor plants to my knowledge but not saying that’s the perfect solution. Just a possibility

Have you gotnit worked out?

A dilute mixture of hydrogen peroxide can treat mold/mildew. Spray it just before lights out.

There are organic pesticides out there, but I can’t help you with brands. I’ve never looked into it.

Good luck to you.

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Captain Jacks and Neem didn’t save my girls last year but I am having good luck so far this year using this:

Marigolds, sticky traps, 8 bug spray once per week while in vegetative stage, I try not to spray anything during flower.

Sierra Natural Science has organic soil drenches and foliar spray that have worked for me. Another great product I’ve tried is Azamax. I only spray leaves, not buds. :v::green_heart: