What is going wrong

Why is my plant called like this will it straight ing. Out?


Doesnt look like any thing is wrong even when you blow the picture up, she lookd like she went to the light now growing, but just in case what are temperatures and rh levels

it’s hard to determine, it may be a little too wet, looks shiny in the photo…is the rooting plug sitting in water or recently misted?
Misted, okay
Sitting in water, not okay


I thought you shouldn’t put a seedling into a DWC bucket until its roots are growing out of rockwool?
That’s what my hydro store owner told me. Put them in my humidity dome until the roots grow out from the rockwool/plug, then you can put them into a DWC bucket system. Is this true, or can you start from seedling right away? Because I’ve been waiting for mine to get roots before I put them into the bucket, but if I can put them in now I would love to do get that done!

You are correct you shouldn’t be placing plant in a sec system until it roots through to rockwool cube

perfect advice…my point was that the rock wool looked very moist in the photo, a condition that you do not want! I can’t determine how wet, just looks wet…“too much water” problems at this stage can be dangerous, I think “damping off”, a stem infection from too much water and disease.

the rock wool should be on a bed of the clay balls, keeping it away from sitting directly in water. The water will splash the balls and the rock wool, and it will wick up. What size net pot do you use? The base of the net pot can sit in a little water, 1/2 inch or so, to be determined by size of the net pot, bigger ones go deeper into the bucket.

I just planted these seeds into the rapid rooter plugs yesterday, and today I saw they already sprouted and grew about 4"! The tap root is coming straight out from the bottom of the plug. Should I continue to wait in my humidity dome for more roots to grow? Or can I now transplant my girl into the DWC? Here’s a pic.

And also, I’ve been running my DWC buckets in my grow tent for 2 days now, just checking the water ppm, pH, water level etc. Doing a dry run to make sure everything is working as I should (recommended to do by the more expert growers). But today I noticed a white residue on some of the hydro ton. Is this mold, or something else? Should I be worried? And how do I get rid of it, if it is something to be worried about?

this is how big I’ve waited to transplant .

what type lighting are you using and what distance from the plant?
your babies seem a little stretched out, a bit “leggy”…I would bring the light closer, support those stems, maybe put some peat moss around the stems to provide support and definitely wait a few more days to a week before putting them in the DWC, they need a little more attention before the transition.
Do not over water,
do mist, seedlings like 60%-70% humidity, but not wet stems., humidity dome them

that is alotta stem showing for the growth on top.

the white stuff on the clay, dunno, I found this…
“It’s called “efflorescence”, a white powdery substance that forms on rock, mainly brickwork. It is caused by the evaporation of water containing process “salts” which are left on the surface of the clay balls.”

I’d like to hear from others on the white residue, myself.

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I have a CFL bulb directly above the humidity dome, as close as possible. The sprouts shot up that tall overnight! I’ll add support and keep misting twice daily. I figured I needed to wait for more root growth, but just wanted to hear confirmation on the topic. I’m not putting any plants into the DWC until I know for sure I’ve got it dialed it. My water stays at a consistent 5.8-6.0 pH, with seedling dosage of nutrients in the bucket. Water stays at 69-71F. I’m dying to get a plant going in my DWC buckets, but I want to make sure I know what I’m doing before I put one in and end up killing it! Temps in my tent are 68F at night, and 78F during the day. My RH is low but I’m working on fixing it. It’s at 50%, but everyone says 70% is ideal.

Should I sit my humidity dome with heat mat, inside my veg tent? For more light, to avoid stretching more? Or just add more CFL bulbs to the top of the humidity dome?

Just me, I had a 24 watt LED with instructions, 12", that I followed, pics @…O.G., DWC & Me
Sorry to say, dunno CFL…the tent is overkill for that seedling, I would like another opinion, but maybe overkill is better than underkill, she has stretched… get the baby at the correct distance for your light/wattage tho or face bigger problems

Now you say" with seedling dosage of nutrients in the bucket."
That dosage should be 0…just plain pH’ed water

No. By “seedling stage nutes”, I literally mean that. As it says for Fox Farms Hydro feeding schedule. I’m not giving nutrients to THAT seedling. I was only saying that for my DWC bucket, I have seedling stage nutes in it, running the pump and just watching to make sure pH is good and water level is good, etc. I’m practicing, doing a dry run without a plant, to make sure I know what I’m doing beforehand. When THIS seedling is bigger and has more roots, then she will go into the bucket with the nutes. Until then, she’s sitting in the dome getting misted 5.8 pH water twice daily.

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“It will eventually go away when all of the minerals are leached out of the Clay balls.” concerning the white residue, something else I just read, but I am too new to hydro to comment more…

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Ktrees420 this mite be late . the white build up looks like mineral or salt build up from nutes . i use well water out of necessity and it has high ppm’s i get that kind of build up about 1/2 to 3/4 way thru the grow .its not ideal but most plants can handle it to varying degrees. i let it ride till iam done then clean the clay pellets remove roots and such . then use hot vinegar white distilled . and wash them in a bucket stir them a lot … rinse well with lots of clean water the reuse them one of the beauty’s of clay pellets . hope this helps later H


Just wondering about the residue…my white stuff appears the lower the surface humidity is…putting a humidity dome covering the plant and them or raising humidifier output makes the white go away. I love a dry surface, but maybe it’s too dry? We do not want wet stems. Is it another balancing act?
My feelings…it is there, wet or dry, probably a common thing, and I’ll make believe it’s not there and continue growing. It will be the stuff I add that will kill the plants, first. :wink:

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your answer seems to me to be what i was talking about … minerals and nute build up coulr act like that … in small amount’s, the more moist the surface the less youd see …But mildew will remain and in more humid conditions thrives . so if it Goes Away when wet .and comes back when Dry id say build up … in my area we have VERY Hard water and you see it often in hydro here…

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and far as the clay leaching out never have i heard of it , after rinsing out well for the first use … …and mostly, i rinse it to start with just to remove dust from the pellets …

If I had only read your post before posting mine…I saw my white disappear with humidity and hadda tell ktreez420

ya mine get this way over time of a grow . and my dwc is fed thru a 1/4 vinyl tube into the bucket it self …no dripper rings ect … and thru wicking action this forms , just got a new ppm pen to dial in , but my h2o was 650-700 ppm . i barley WAVE . the nutes can over the top ha ha …one of these days ill find and buy when can . a R/O system to fit my personal needs . then ill FORCE FEED my girls lolol… so if its truly this problem , just watch your ppm thru out the grow extra carful .so you don’t over do …PS when i finally get an ro system ill add a N gas burner for co2 … ps i change water once a week and replace nutes …

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Also 1200 ppm is the max some plants can take 1500 ppm but they wont like it !!! i trie to keep mine under 1000.ppm but i do get some fluctuation the bergmans lab bubble bucket cube, may have addressed a solution . will know once i fire up the GR in earnest… growing minium seeds to save on original stock … then wil clone the moms . for a crop …