What is going wrong with my seedlings?

Question from a fellow grower:

I’ve been trying to grow seeds indoors in full sunlight, (in the
afternoon) and having no luck. The seeds sprout in a glass of water, I
transfer them to a small pot with nutrients mixed into the soil, but it
always ends up with a tall thin stem which eventually falls over. What
am I doing wrong

It’s summertime here but the window they are in only sees the sun in the
afternoon. The soil I premixed in some nutrients, the best I could find
in a flower nursery. But both seeds just went tall then fell
over…what we call ‘going to seed’.

Tall stems means your light source is too far away from your seedling - they need close light and a warm place to grow. TOO young ot add nutrients - use only a good root stimulator. start feed ing nutrient at week 3 ate reduced rates (if 2nnd week feed at more re-deuced rates 1/8 amounts)

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Way too young to be adding nutrients. You’re essentially killing your plants by doing that. Let them grow with just water until about week 3, like @steve2 said. From reading threads I’ve learned you should only add nutrients to your seedling once the cotyledon leaves (fake leaves, water leaves), turn yellow and fall off. Those leaves hold the nutrients essential for the seedling to grow. Once they have used the nutrients they will die, or yellow and fall off. This is when you can start giving her nutrients. Good luck! Keep us updated!

Agree with “Ktreez420” - concerning with cultivation " Less Is Best " when it comes to nutrients

You can place your seedlings into bigger pots useing soil for seedlings only. Sink them down so only one inch of the plant is showing get some root stimulate or liquid Thrive and mix up a light solution add your solution before putting your seedlings in than place them in the hole cover leaving about an inch and add another shot of your solution.
Get your self a t5 Florissant light and hang about 2or 3 inches from plant and leave it on.

Hope this helps


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The problem you are having is that your window glass is blocking the UV that the plants need. Get the seedlings into unfiltered sunlight and they will do fine. Windows today block UV to prevent sunlight bleaching whatever it falls on in the room.

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I did not know that! Thanks for posting that dude, good info. :v: