What is going on?!

Any idea what is going on with my girls? The reading on my TDS is off the chart! And my leaves are crazy! I just hit them with a good dose of cal mag and fox farm but beyond that I’m clueless. I got rid of a bunch of the damaged leaves, hopefully not too many😞

I would use water only for a while until those values start coming down bit. Here’s a guide to where you should be with regards to the various stages of your grow. Hope it helps you out a little :sunglasses:


If you are growing in coco, or hydroponically your ppm are high, but if you are growing in fox farm soil then your ppms are right where they should be.

Should I put my light on just “bloom”, or keep it on high with “veg” and “bloom” up all the way? Also, I got these “very rare seeds from France” lol, that I’m germinating right now, I’ll keep you posted lol


The ones on the left are ones I got from Amazon a few months back lol


Look at all those seeds :heart_eyes:. I veg using my led floods just now in my veg tent but will be moving across to a QB260 when I get the funds. I can’t see any harm in using the bloom setting along with the veg as I would imagine it will just bring more red in

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Check this out bro!

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Fucking Amazon, gotta love em lmao

You are in trouble if all those germinate :man_facepalming:. Going to take a big room for that lot, all feminised ?

Yep, every single one! Lmao. I have no idea wtf I’m gonna do! Lmao