What is going on

This plant is 2 weeks old today

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I can’t tell because the photo isn’t great. I went to zoom in and it’s to blurry to see any details.

The pot is bigger than you need at this point. The roots are growing. Once they stretch out the plant will take off


@HornHead I put my seeds with tap roots straight into my 5 gallon buckets with no problems at all.

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That’s what I did here

I agree with @HornHead and to add I would try not to water except where you think the roots are. If you keep them saturated they won’t stretch to search for water across the medium

Are there any deformities or just taking awhile to take off?


I have not seen the top leaves get that big without growing higher in only 2 wks.

What kind of light do you have on her And how close is it?

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First of all is it an auto or a photo this will dictate pot strategy.
Secondly that plastic bucket… Not a great container you want a fabric pot, does it have drain holes in it? How is the soil? Hope your watering very sparingly.

What type of medium/soil is it in? How rich is it? What’s the PH and TDS input and run off?

What’s the Temps highs and low’s?

We need a much bigger idea of what’s going on.

And of course lights? Lights! Lights!

First of all: It is a plant from a Fem seed. Second, the lights are 3 LED lights @ 18". Soil is the medium. PH6.8. And yes the bucket has drain holes. It is the same medium I just took a plant from the bucket that was 2-3 weeks shy of maturity.

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My thought is the light may be a little too close for the light intensity and that’s why its growing short and stout. Otherwise I dont see a problem with your grow.

OK thanks

I would bump down your ph. My love it @ 6.5

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Soil looks real dark from picture, how often are you watering , just an observation

I stopped watering it on Wednesday. Figured to let it set until the soil dries some.

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