What is going on with these leaves


First ever grow.
Indoor, grow tent,
bucket, organic miracle grow soil (yes, there Is such an. Organic [miracle grow. Yes weve discussed probable issues during late flower in another thread.)
Water room temp, starts at 7.2 adding lemon juice to bring it to 6.2ish.
Feeding nutrients once a week - Fox Farm Big Bloom. 1 tsp per gallon -this plant got approximately 1/3 gallon of that gallon last week.
We have had spider mites and powder mildew crop up within last three weeks. Squirted plants down with acv water. Have lady bugs, nematodes, DE, and sticky strips.

Have you identified the bugs? You’ll need to do that first then find suitable treatments for them.

yes. they were spider mites. and we had powdery mildew at one point. we think we took care of the brunt of it(not necessarily every, single, little one of the little mites yet) but this is only some of the leaves(very few), and weeks after beginning treatments for everything.

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That’s a mite of some kind so you have not yet eliminated them. Can you take the plant outside and spray down with a garden hose? This will knock most of them off.

Spray the entire plant–really wet it down, with straight 3% peroxide. Wait 24 hours and spray with either BtK (Safer spray) or Spinosad (Captain Jack’s Deadbug). Leave on for 5 days and repeat with peroxide and bacterial spray. This will eliminate the pests if done consistently.

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thank you. we are growing organically, and are trying to be careful what we use.
we have taken some of the plants outside. husband does/did that, so im not sure if its the same plants the leaves were from, or not; but i think they were.
we are spraying the plants with garden hose -3 times a day ; that plus lady bugs, acv water and nematodes are what we are using outside. (we are growing in both places currently). i will let him know this process. thank you.


I’ve tried almost everything and this process is the only one that works for me. It’s also organic and pet friendly. And very effective.

You can actually spray 50/50 isopropyl alcohol without harm to the plants too and that nukes mites pretty much instantly. What you need to do though is break the life cycle. Eggs tend to be laid on the undersides of the leaves so HAVE to get under the leaves.

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