What is going on with her?

February 6-20, she’s around 4 months.
Flowering since around 3 weeks after she sprouted, give or take a week.
I don’t over water but have had some runoff.

Use a magnifier like one you would use for checking trichs. Look for any brown/ gray fuzzy mold at the base of the affected leaves. Also if they are infected the will pull out from the cola pretty easily. Once the rot sets in (if that is in fact what you have) only options it to cut the affected parts out and either harvest earlier to prevent spread or risk letting it finish and hope it doesn’t spread . Either way I’d recommend a water and peroxide wash at harvest.


Welcome ! @Twerp2020 looking at the pictures my first thoughts your plant is revegging.


I’m Stumped at this point!! I looked at her with my Jeweler’s magnifier and I don’t see any rotting and she’s got just a few Trichomes that are clear. I’ve never had any problems before now. I don’t know what to do with her… I guess I should just leave her alone and see what happens?!? I’m growing two more and they’re sharing the same room and I pray that they don’t “catch” anything she might have. I’m going to look up Re-veging. Thanks for your help

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She doesn’t have Rot and not re-vegging either because her leaves are Normal… I’m truly stumped on this one!! She does have some Trichomes but they are Clear. I’m growing two more and they’re sharing the same room and they look healthy But I pray that IF she is ill it won’t affect them!! Thanks for your help

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Basically all you can do is keep taking care of it and finish up. Looking at the picture with your thumb in it you can see the leafs with smooth edges. That usually a good sign of reveging. Just my thoughts good luck👍

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I’m so Glad you pointed to the leaves because I didn’t even notice that!! Thanks so much!!!
I went ahead and cut quite a bit in hopes the others will get some room and light. The Buds are so dence and thick which I’ve never seen before. I’m going to have to reread about Re-veging. Thanks again, I learned something new today!

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I’m curious what is your light schedule.

About 11hours on. I’m considering to change it But with the time change and the days are getting longer I’m going to have to light from 5:30 am til 8:30ish pm… Will it even matter because they’re Auto’s???

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Thanks, no Rot!! I cut some loaded stems off and tried to trim all the leaves off of them but they have so many!! My thinking is that more light will hit the remaining ones. I have two more plants but not started the same time as this one, about two Months younger.

Autos will grow under about any reasonable light schedule. I would go with 12/12 and finish it up.

Glad to hear it’s not rot!

They’re Unformed buds!!