What is going on here??

STRAIN: Blue the f Dream bee hatch!!

MEDIUM: Super soil = HF/FFOF mixed with Neem, hydrocorn, kelp, superchar, worm castings (20% volume HF/FFOF). FF Strawberry Fields added at 5 gal. transplant

TOP DRESSING: Nature’s Pride veg/ Nature’s Pride Bloom

BLOOM: Seabird guano; 1 dose at first light cycle switch to 12/12

TEA: ½ cup Boogie Brew Base + ½ cup Boogie Boost
WATER: 1 tbs Liquid Seaweed/gal + 5 ml Blackstrap Molasses/gal OR Kelp meal 2 tbs/gal
POTTING: Red Solo - 3 gal. - 5 gal. “smart pots”
PH: 6.0
Run off PH: 5.8
LIGHTING: Originated in 2X2 tent with 125 W CFL Agrobrite 18/6 cycle. Moved to SF 4000 LED 5X5 with exhaust and oscillating fan 18/6 cycle veg. 12/12 cycle flower
TEMP: 73-80 degrees
HUMIDITY: 45-60 % veg/ 45-50 % flower

My best guess is potassium though im seeing possible minor deficiencies in nitrogen phosphorous and magnesium the mag is easy just throw a tablespoon of Epsom salt in your next batch of water


your Ph of root zone is to low. in soil mixes you need to be at 6.2 to 6.8. i always have deficiencies just like yours if fall under 6.0pH. the nutes are there the plant just cant use them at that pH. if you want to keep it organic top dress a little lime in there. that should pull your pH up some. or you can flush but who wants to build up all those good organic microbes again. I wouldnt. you maybe able to just water at 6.8 a few times and bring it up as well.

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I’m seeing magnesium. Switching to higher powered LEDs will make the plant require more magnesium. As snek suggested, start adding plain epsom salt to your watering regiment. 1/2-1 tbsp per gallon.

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You were right. Thanks so much. You rock. Worked like a charm.

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No prob glad you worked out your kinks I always have 1 problem child every grow that needs extra something or other