What is go'in on here?

Noticed this a couple weeks ago and thought I would just keep an eye it. There are 3 stems on the same plant that look like this. Everything else looks fantastic! The other plants are fine. Just this 1 is do’in this. Any thoughts or advice? Think’in bout just cutt’in those 3 stems outta there. In the last pic u can clearly see which 3 stems they are!

Thanks all,

Separate the plant. It looks like its more then those stems notice how other leaves are starting to crule under… try seaweed extract.

Look at the crystals. What color are they milky?

Can’t move the plant cause it’s in the middle of flower stage! Rest of the plant is fine, just the 3 bad stems. Trichomes are clear, way to early ta hack!

they are exposed to something because of the pattern of damage - light to much,( that side) (a hot spot on mylar) enviromental

Why just the 3 and not the ones right next them??? They ALL get the same treatment. Besides watering and nutes I also rotate my buckets 180* every other day, that way my buds get all the light they need!

same thing happened to me. Except every branch was affected by a wilt problem,except for 2-3 branches that were unaffected. So, i cut the affected nugs off and have let the remaining nugs finish the flower cycle. Should still yield 2 ounces.