What Is Flushing And How/When Is It Done

This feels like a stupid questiong as the word “flushing” is self explanatory, but can someone explain exactly what is is, how its done, and when it should start?

Flushing has several purpose in growing , either soil or hydroponically , if a cultivator was to apply liquid nutrients when there are soil nutrients that can cause lock out , flushing is applied to remove to salt build up inches oil or what might be causing the lock out . Now in hydro , your reservoir should be changed and flushed every 7-10 days .

Plus two weeks before your plant completely finished before harvesting , you want to start flushing the plant with just ph water for the remaining two weeks or right when all your trichomes turn milky start flushing to kind of drain the nutrients out of the soil to give a more clean , strong , smooth hit .

Righto awesome! Thats what i assumed :). With hydroponics do you need to flush the solution? Last question; what is lockout?

Is when your ph has swung out of range for a plant to break down the nutrients into photosynthesis ?

So flush the solution to keep pH in check? Makes sense.
Thankyou @yoshi, wealth of knowledge.

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